Our lawyers actively cooperate with leading business media, both domestic and international. As renown experts on a wide range of topics connected with resolution of disputes in Russia we are invited to provide comments and expert opinions on current news, author articles and publications in the press, and take part in key events of the professional legal community across the globe.

Rustam Kurmaev & Partners, a Russian litigation powerhouse, has become a member of the British Russian Law Association (BRLA). The Association’s mission is to strengthen relations among UK and Russian lawyers and provide a discussion platform for lawyers, businessmen, and other parties interested in promoting business connections between Russia and the UK.

The BRLA was established in 1992 as the successor to the British-Soviet Law Association. It regularly holds informal meetings in Russian and British cities to promote networking and exchange of experiences, and hosts legal conferences and workshops to discuss the most pressing issues of business relations between the two countries. In addition to its own events arranged in partnership with the British Consulates General in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Kazan, and other major Russian cities, the BRLA regularly supports key initiatives of the professional legal community, co-organizing Russian Law Week in London and British Law Week in Moscow, an annual Moscow conference on the resolution of international business disputes of the American Bar Association, conferences and workshops of the Russian Arbitration Association, and other important industry events.

For more information about the BRLA and the calendar of events, please visit the BRLA’s official website.

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