Antitrust disputes and public procurement


  • Represent the interests of our clients in the antimonopoly authorities
  • Assess risks and protect clients’ interests in the course of the investigation of antimonopoly law violations
  • Protect clients’ interests in cases involving administrative liability in the field of anti-competitive disputes
  • Represent clients during scheduled and unscheduled inspections of antimonopoly authorities
  • Represent clients’ interests in negotiations on mitigation of penalties for activities in the field of limitation of competition
  • Assist in the conclusion of settlement agreements with competition authorities
  • Perfom judicial review of decisions and orders of antimonopoly authorities
  • Represent clients’ interests in other issues of interaction with the Federal Anti-Monopoly Service of Russia including the level of the regions of the Russian Federation
  • Perfom criminal defense of business in criminal cases related to competition restriction
  • Participate and represent clients’ interests during the inspections of the Federal Anti-Monopoly Service of Russia in offices and production facilities
  • Perform collection of evidence on the absence of violations of antimonopoly legislation
  • Advise clients on criteria of the personal responsibility of managers and beneficiaries of business entities
  • Organize independent expert researches of market concentration and identify the signs of a dominant position
  • Advise on legal risks when entering into various competition agreements
  • Represent the clients’ interests in disputes in the field of state, municipal, and corporate procurement, as well as in disputes, connected to restrictions on the competition at auctions (Federal Laws 44-FZ and 223-FZ)

Key contacts

Rustam Kurmaev Managing Partner
+7 (495) 150-05-05
Rustam Kurmaev specializes in the resolution of commercial disputes, real-estate and construction disputes, corporate disputes, as well as disputes involving the criminal defense of business, systematically mounting a comprehensive defense strategy for corporate executives and top managers at all stages of the criminal process. Armed with a significant amount of experience representing the interests of Russian and foreign companies at the commercial courts and courts of general jurisdiction, including the RF Supreme Commercial Court and RF Supreme Court, Rustam is a widely-recognized specialist on issues involving the execution of court rulings, both through the procedures envisioned by law (enforcement proceedings and bankruptcy), as well as through the application of alternative instruments (mediation).
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Dmitry Gorbunov Partner
+7 (495) 150-05-05
Dmitry Gorbunov specializes in representing client interests in the litigation of cases involving corporate conflicts, business disputes, hostile takeovers and the criminal defense of business. He boasts a wealth of experience representing client interests at the commercial courts and courts of general jurisdiction at all levels and instances, as well as positive experience in the resolution of disputes with administrative bodies, including in cases involving administrative offences.
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Vasily Malinin Partner
+7 (495) 150-05-05
Vasily heads the commercial disputes practice at Rustam Kurmaev and Partners. He boasts significant experience representing domestic and international companies in arbitrazh (commercial) courts and courts of general jurisdiction. His industry expertise spans energy and natural resources, real estate and construction, with a particular focus on proprietary and contractual disputes related to large scale investment projects.
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Recent experience:

Representing the interests of the former Governor of a Russian region in a dispute with the Federal Anti-Monopoly Service of Russia. This dispute is a precedent for Russian judicial practice because it was the first exceptional case of bringing a governor to justice for violating Article 16 of the Antitrust Law. Our team successfully refuted the accusations of the Federal Anti-Monopoly Service of Russia claiming that the governor concluded an anti-competitive agreement that restricts competition in the territory of the Russian Federation in the field of road construction. The arbitration courts justified the erroneous conclusions of the Federal Anti-Monopoly Service of Russia and overturned the decision of the Federal Anti-Monopoly Service of Russia against the governor. We also carried out protection from criminal prosecution under Article 178 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation.
Former Governor of a Russian region
Representing the interests of the largest manufacturer of heat-insulated pipelines, "Smith-Yartsevo" while challenging the actions of the organizer of an open request for proposals in electronic form in connection with significant violations of the antimonopoly legislation that resulted in the restriction of competition and creation of preference for other participants. Representing the interests of the customer in the Territorial Division of the Federal Anti-Monopoly Service of Russia in the Udmurt Republic.
Advising the CHTPZ Group on challenging bids that resulted in contracts with a single supplier. Preparation of a strategy for challenging the procurement policy because it contradicted the provisions of the law on procurement of goods, works, and services by certain types of legal entities (Federal Law 223-FZ).