Our lawyers actively cooperate with leading business media, both domestic and international. As renown experts on a wide range of topics connected with resolution of disputes in Russia we are invited to provide comments and expert opinions on current news, author articles and publications in the press, and take part in key events of the professional legal community across the globe.
28 february 2019

Rustam Kurmaev & Partners partnered with Pravo.RU to hold the annual dispute resolution conference, a key event for legal community that took place on February 28, 2019 in Ararat Park Hayatt Moscow.

The speakers at the conference shared in-depth analysis of most notable cases and shed light on their impact on future court decisions in a number of areas. Leading litigators featured in Pravo.RU Top-300 discussed the most important shifts in approaches and interpretations in various categories of cases and offered their recommendations for building adequate defense strategies.

Rustam Kurmaev & Partners’ team held its own panel at the Conference titled Dispute Resolution Trends in Russia. The experts addressed issues that are the most challenging for litigation attorneys, including trends in procedural legislation development, new interpretation of certain provisions of the Russian Code of Arbitrazh Procedure, trends in dispute resolution under the revised general provisions of the Russian Civil Code, and the importance of court decisions in commercial disputes for building the defense of companies’ management in criminal proceedings. Rustam Kurmaev, the firm’s managing partner, discussed changes in the arbitrazh procedure after the so-called “procedural revolution’. Another partner, Dmitry Kletochkin, participated in the panel titled Major Bankruptcy Cases to address the topic “Contemporary Interpretation of the Bankruptcy Law. Application of Revised Provisions on Secondary Liability to Earlier Legal Relations; Inefficiency of Statutes of Limitations, Except the Maximum 10-year Statute of Limitations”.

More information is available in the event coverage at Pravo.RU.