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Rustam Kurmaev and Dmitry Gorbunov spoke at the X Annual RCCA Conference «Standard of Proof»

Rustam Kurmaev and Dmitry Gorbunov spoke at the X Annual Conference “Standard of Proof” featuring Russian Constitutional Court representatives and leading practicing lawyers, organized by the Russian Corporate Counsel Association in St. Petersburg on September 18.
The main topic on the conference agenda and ensued discussions was the weakening of the standard of proof. The entrepreneurs’ and citizens’ civil rights and liberties have become less protected than before. This situation causes the emerging legal and financial disbalance between business and state authorities.
Dmitry Gorbunov opened the III session of the conference, which covered the problems of proof in criminal proceedings. Dmitry focused his presentation on the issues of state “dictatorship” in the area of judicial proving. Rustam Kurmaev spoke about the most frequent lawyers’ misconceptions regarding the standards of proof comparing criminal and arbitration processes. Alexander Nikiforov, Deputy Managing Director for HR and Legal Affairs of Gazprom EP International, joined the discussion and compared legal proceedings approaches in UK and USA with the legal enforcement in Russia.
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