Oil and gas disputes


  • Analyse investors' legal risks for investment projects in the field of subsurface resources management
  • Support infrastructure projects in the field of gas and oil production
  • Protect client's interests in disputes in the field of licensing the rights to exploit oil and gas
  • Protect client's interests in disputes in the oil and gas industry during the interaction with state authorities
  • Represent clients in legal disputes in the field of subsurface resources management and construction of oil and gas wells
  • Advise clients on industrial safety issues related to enterprises in the gas and oil refining sector
  • Appeal against decisions of regulatory authorities in court
  • Organize independent expert research to resolve disputes during the construction of oil and gas wells

Key contacts

Rustam Kurmaev Managing Partner
+7 (495) 150-05-05
Rustam Kurmaev specializes in the resolution of commercial disputes, real-estate and construction disputes, corporate disputes, as well as disputes involving the criminal defense of business, systematically mounting a comprehensive defense strategy for corporate executives and top managers at all stages of the criminal process. Armed with a significant amount of experience representing the interests of Russian and foreign companies at the commercial courts and courts of general jurisdiction, including the RF Supreme Commercial Court and RF Supreme Court, Rustam is a widely-recognized specialist on issues involving the execution of court rulings, both through the procedures envisioned by law (enforcement proceedings and bankruptcy), as well as through the application of alternative instruments (mediation).
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Vasily Malinin Partner
+7 (495) 150-05-05
Vasily heads the commercial disputes practice at Rustam Kurmaev and Partners. He boasts significant experience representing domestic and international companies in arbitrazh (commercial) courts and courts of general jurisdiction. His industry expertise spans energy and natural resources, real estate and construction, with a particular focus on proprietary and contractual disputes related to large scale investment projects.
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Recent experience:

Successful protection of a client from the claims of the LUKOIL Group subsidiary in a dispute for recovery of 80 million rubles of losses caused by an accident on the wellsite. In this dispute, the oil service contractor was completely released from liability, since our team proved the causes of the accident, which were not related to the field of responsibility of the client.
Major oilfield services company
Successful recovery of 94 million rubles from one of the subsidiary companies of GAZPROM in favor of the oil service company that carried out works on the well. The total amount of losses consisted of the cost of equipment that was during the process of the well drilling. During the court case, we managed to prove the fault of the customer, who simultaneously acted as a subsurface user and, due to special regulation, had increased responsibility for ensuring safety when performing work.
Major oilfield services company
Victory in a series of disputes against ERIELL NEFTEGAZSERVIS, acted as a customer of our client. In addition to collecting 170 million rubles of debt for work on directional drilling, our team successfully recovered the exchange rate difference of more than 4 million US dollars from the customer. We proved that the cost of the contractor's work increased due to the change in the US dollar exchange rate. The court accepted this concept positively and recognized that the customer did not pay the client a significant share of the cost of the work, which appeared because of fluctuations in exchange rates.
American oilfield services company