Interaction with state authorities and law enforcement agencies


  • Represent clients in their interactions with federal and regional legislative and executive bodies
  • Support crime victims in their interactions with law enforcement and provide law enforcement with methodological and other legally permissible assistance so as to ensure due prosecution of perpetrators
  • Protect clients’ top managers and other staff from illegal actions by law enforcement authorities
  • Support clients in the course of scheduled and unscheduled inspections by regulators
  • Provide advice to clients’ executive and other staff on how to organize government and law enforcement relations in a proper and legally correct way
  • Perform legal audit of businesses and prepare them for scheduled inspections by regulators

Key contacts

Dmitry Kletochkin Partner
+7 (495) 150-05-05
Dmitry Kletochkin specializes in representing client interests in litigation involving corporate conflicts, real-estate disputes, hostile takeovers and restructuring & bankruptcy cases. He has a vast amount of experience representing the interests of Russian and international clients at the commercial courts and courts of general jurisdiction. Dmitry has rendered legal assistance to clients in disputes stemming from supply contracts, loan agreements and contracting agreements, disputes involving real-estate rights, and other disputes in the area of civil and commercial law.
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Dmitry Gorbunov Partner
+7 (495) 150-05-05
Dmitry Gorbunov specializes in representing client interests in the litigation of cases involving corporate conflicts, business disputes, hostile takeovers and the criminal defense of business. He boasts a wealth of experience representing client interests at the commercial courts and courts of general jurisdiction at all levels and instances, as well as positive experience in the resolution of disputes with administrative bodies, including in cases involving administrative offences.
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Telman Oganesyan Senior Associate
+7 (495) 150-05-05
Telman Oganesyan specializes in criminal defense of businesses and representation of the interests of Russian and international companies during inspections by government authorities. Telman has successful experience in advising on customs, currency and tax legislation in connection with bringing companies and their employees to administrative and criminal liability.
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Recent experience:

Defending the interests of company management in the course of inspections conducted within the scope of a pre-investigation probe by the Economic Security and Anticorruption Directorate of the RF Ministry of Internal Affairs for the City of Moscow pursuant to incoming complaints about the quality of the medical products sold in the Russian Federation by our client. Working closely with the client's in-house legal team we were able to prove that all of the products made and sold by our client meet the most stringent quality standards and are absolutely safe for consumers, thereby demonstrating that our client’s business activities are entirely devoid of legislative violations.
Abbott Laboratories RUS
Representing the client’s interests in the course of a joint tax audit conducted by the RF Federal Tax Service and the Main Economic Security and Anticorruption Directorate of the RF Ministry of Internal Affairs, namely – during the seizure of certain documents and technical production equipment at our client’s office. The case entailed work involving the provision of expert legal assistance to the client’s personnel, participation in procedural measures, exercising control over the legality of the actions taken by the government officials taking part in the audit, and recording violations. We managed to minimize the onset of legal risks for our client, to prevent unlawful access to information constituting tax and commercial secrets, and to offer comprehensive legal support in the course of further interaction with governmental authorities and law enforcement agencies.
Russia’s leading outsourcer of auxiliary and non-core operations
Protecting the regional asset of the client (one of the largest international producers of building materials and road-construction solutions) in Nizhny Novgorod in the course of a joint investigation conducted by the RF Federal Security Service (FSB) and RF Ministry of the Interior, in conjunction with officials from the local territorial division of Rostekhnadzor, prompted by suspicions of unlawful activity under the operation of elevated-hazard facilities. Our team’s provision of legal services made it possible to prove the absence of violations on the part of the client in the course of its business operations, as well as its observance of applicable regulations and the lack of grounds for the bringing of criminal charges.
Technonicol Corporation