Restructuring and insolvency


  • Perform bankruptcy compliance and audit procedures
  • Protect companies from challenging of deals and payments in lawsuits initiated by bankrupt counterparties
  • Make sure responsible parties are held secondarily liable 
  • Protect company managers in lawsuits seeking to recover damages and hold them secondarily liable
  • Help challenge transactions on general and special grounds under bankruptcy law
  • Defend clients in lawsuits initiated by bankruptcy managers
  • Protect clients from prosecution on premeditated bankruptcy charges
  • Help challenge bankruptcy managers’ actions and recover damages from bankruptcy managers
  • Ensure that clients’ receivables are included in the list of creditors’ claims and dispute doubtful debts to affiliated creditors

Key contacts

Dmitry Kletochkin Partner
+7 (495) 150-05-05
Dmitry Kletochkin specializes in representing client interests in litigation involving corporate conflicts, real-estate disputes, hostile takeovers and restructuring & bankruptcy cases. He has a vast amount of experience representing the interests of Russian and international clients at the commercial courts and courts of general jurisdiction. Dmitry has rendered legal assistance to clients in disputes stemming from supply contracts, loan agreements and contracting agreements, disputes involving real-estate rights, and other disputes in the area of civil and commercial law.
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Oleg Permyakov Partner
+7 (495) 150-05-05
Oleg Permyakov specializes in litigation involving cases of bankruptcy, corporate conflict, real-estate disputes, and hostile takeovers. Oleg has tremendous experience representing clients at the commercial courts and courts of general jurisdiction at all levels and instances, as well as experience in criminal defense of top management of major global enterprises.
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+7 (495) 150-05-05
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Yaroslav Schuetzle Head of IT & IP Litigation practice
+7 (495) 150-05-05
Yaroslav specializes in dispute resolution in the field of IT technologies and intellectual property law, international private law, real estate and construction, leasing, energy, land relations, corporate law, and bankruptcy. He has considerable experience in representing clients in tough disputes involving complex technical expertise and the application of foreign law.
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Recent experience:

Legal support for the client in the process of getting it included on the creditors’ register of a bankrupt auto-dealer for a claim in the amount of roughly RUB 90 mln. Successful defense of the client’s interests in a dispute with an unscrupulous dealer involving the recovery of damages in the amount of RUB 67 mln and additional penalties in the amount of RUB 25 mln.

Volkswagen Group Rus
Provision of legal support for the client’s efforts seeking inclusion in the register of creditor claims against a bankrupt auto-dealer and the settlement of recovery claims brought by private consumers in a total amount of more than RUB 100 mln. The work we did was aimed at minimizing the risk of the onset of adverse consequences in the form of the possible lodging of consumer claims against the client. In the end, we were successful in defending the client’s reputational and financial interests in the conflict prompted by the actions of the unscrupulous dealer.
Toyota Motor Rus
Defending the interests of the client in a dispute with an unsecured creditor, participating in creditors’ meetings, interacting with the administrator controlled by the opponents, and representing the client’s interests in challenging the results of the first creditors’ meeting (the meeting’s decision to shift to outside administration), as well as holding the opponents to subsidiary liability and contesting the validity of questionable transactions preventing the debtor from being able to restore its solvency.
Yamaha Motor CIS