Defence in administrative proceedings


  • Provide legal advice
  • Analyze submitted documents to effectively structure the client’s case
  • Review administrative case files
  • Develop the most effective defense strategy
  • Gather and present evidence
  • Represent clients in the course of inspections and audits
  • Represent clients before public authorities and in courts
  • Arrange for independent expert investigations
  • Prepare and file petitions and disqualifications
  • Challenge illegal actions (omissions) and resolutions by relevant officials
  • Dispute unjust court decisions, including in appellate and cassation courts

Key contacts

Dmitry Kletochkin Partner
+7 (495) 150-05-05
Dmitry Kletochkin specializes in representing client interests in litigation involving corporate conflicts, real-estate disputes, hostile takeovers and restructuring & bankruptcy cases. He has a vast amount of experience representing the interests of Russian and international clients at the commercial courts and courts of general jurisdiction. Dmitry has rendered legal assistance to clients in disputes stemming from supply contracts, loan agreements and contracting agreements, disputes involving real-estate rights, and other disputes in the area of civil and commercial law.
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Dmitry Gorbunov Partner
+7 (495) 150-05-05
Dmitry Gorbunov specializes in representing client interests in the litigation of cases involving corporate conflicts, business disputes, hostile takeovers and the criminal defense of business. He boasts a wealth of experience representing client interests at the commercial courts and courts of general jurisdiction at all levels and instances, as well as positive experience in the resolution of disputes with administrative bodies, including in cases involving administrative offences.
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Telman Oganesyan Senior Associate
+7 (495) 150-05-05
Telman Oganesyan specializes in criminal defense of businesses and representation of the interests of Russian and international companies during inspections by government authorities. Telman has successful experience in advising on customs, currency and tax legislation in connection with bringing companies and their employees to administrative and criminal liability.
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Recent experience:

Successfully defending the interests of Russia’s largest collection agency, accused by the mass media of employing unlawful methods in the recovery of accounts payable from a debtor in Ekaterinburg. The case sparked a public uproar and was widely reported on by national television channels and print publications, causing social tensions and prompting prosecutorial bias in the course of the initial probe conducted by law enforcement agencies. Through our work in providing legal assistance to the client, we were able to prove the non-involvement of agency employees in any unlawful actions, which made it possible to avoid both the causing of sweeping reputational harm to the client’s company as well as the imposition of possible penalties on the part of oversight agencies.
Major collection agency
Successfully challenging the actions of public authorities in the framework of administrative proceedings initiated against our client.
Leading Russian petrochemical company
Representing a client in a dispute regarding the recovery of damages caused by the unlawful actions of public authorities.
Major logistics company