White collar criminal defence


  • Represent clients in complex civil lawsuits involving criminal-law matters
  • Protect clients suspected and charged with criminal offenses during preliminary investigations and in courts of all levels
  • Represent clients in the course of pre-investigation inspections and operative activities
  • Represent victims in criminal cases, help initiate criminal proceedings, provide advice and procedural support
  • Represent clients in their interactions law enforcement authorities and regulators
  • Work with distressed assets seized and expropriated during preliminary investigations 
  • Defend clients’ top managers and other staff in criminal cases
  • Provide advice, assess legal risks, prepare legal opinions and carry out independent investigations
  • Offer trainings on improving legal protection and allocating company personnel so as to minimize criminal-law risks

Key contacts

Rustam Kurmaev Managing Partner
+7 (495) 150-05-05
Rustam Kurmaev specializes in the resolution of commercial disputes, real-estate and construction disputes, corporate disputes, as well as disputes involving the criminal defense of business, systematically mounting a comprehensive defense strategy for corporate executives and top managers at all stages of the criminal process. Armed with a significant amount of experience representing the interests of Russian and foreign companies at the commercial courts and courts of general jurisdiction, including the RF Supreme Commercial Court and RF Supreme Court, Rustam is a widely-recognized specialist on issues involving the execution of court rulings, both through the procedures envisioned by law (enforcement proceedings and bankruptcy), as well as through the application of alternative instruments (mediation).
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Dmitry Gorbunov Partner
+7 (495) 150-05-05
Dmitry Gorbunov specializes in representing client interests in the litigation of cases involving corporate conflicts, business disputes, hostile takeovers and the criminal defense of business. He boasts a wealth of experience representing client interests at the commercial courts and courts of general jurisdiction at all levels and instances, as well as positive experience in the resolution of disputes with administrative bodies, including in cases involving administrative offences.
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Telman Oganesyan Senior Associate
+7 (495) 150-05-05
Telman Oganesyan specializes in criminal defense of businesses and representation of the interests of Russian and international companies during inspections by government authorities. Telman has successful experience in advising on customs, currency and tax legislation in connection with bringing companies and their employees to administrative and criminal liability.
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Recent experience:

Defense of the enterprise’s manager in a criminal case involving charges of the provision of substandard services resulting in the causing of serious harm to consumer health. Thanks to our team’s deftly-crafted legal position and well-tailored defense strategy, we were able in the course of criminal proceedings to prove the innocence of the client’s employee and secure an acquittal that was subsequently upheld by the courts of all instances.
Leading global producer of construction equipment
Successful defense of the enterprise's beneficiary in a criminal case on alleged bribery charges in the amount of USD300k.
Russian industrial holding
Successful defence of the company's CEO in a criminal case on suspected loan embezzlement in the amount of RUB 2.7 bln.
Russian mining and metallurgical company