Commercial disputes


  • Help recover damages and penalties in disputes of any complexity and category (or, vice versa, ensure effective protection against recovery of damages and penalties)
  • Help recover past due amounts under supply, lease, work, service, loan and other agreements
  • Represent clients in unjust enrichment disputes
  • Represent clients seeking to invalidate void/voidable transactions and apply the consequences of their invalidity
  • Protect businesses in disputes with public authorities and officials
  • Represent clients seeking to recognize existence or lack of rights
  • Represent client in business/professional reputation disputes
  • Resolve intellectual property disputes
  • Resolve pre-contractual disputes and coerced contract execution disputes

Key contacts

Rustam Kurmaev Managing Partner
+7 (495) 150-05-05
Rustam Kurmaev specializes in the resolution of commercial disputes, real-estate and construction disputes, corporate disputes, as well as disputes involving the criminal defense of business, systematically mounting a comprehensive defense strategy for corporate executives and top managers at all stages of the criminal process. Armed with a significant amount of experience representing the interests of Russian and foreign companies at the commercial courts and courts of general jurisdiction, including the RF Supreme Commercial Court and RF Supreme Court, Rustam is a widely-recognized specialist on issues involving the execution of court rulings, both through the procedures envisioned by law (enforcement proceedings and bankruptcy), as well as through the application of alternative instruments (mediation).
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Dmitry Kletochkin Partner
+7 (495) 150-05-05
Dmitry Kletochkin specializes in representing client interests in litigation involving corporate conflicts, real-estate disputes, hostile takeovers and restructuring & bankruptcy cases. He has a vast amount of experience representing the interests of Russian and international clients at the commercial courts and courts of general jurisdiction. Dmitry has rendered legal assistance to clients in disputes stemming from supply contracts, loan agreements and contracting agreements, disputes involving real-estate rights, and other disputes in the area of civil and commercial law.
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Vasily Malinin Partner
+7 (495) 150-05-05
Vasily heads the commercial disputes practice at Rustam Kurmaev and Partners. He boasts significant experience representing domestic and international companies in arbitrazh (commercial) courts and courts of general jurisdiction. His industry expertise spans energy and natural resources, real estate and construction, with a particular focus on proprietary and contractual disputes related to large scale investment projects.
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+7 (495) 150-05-05
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Yaroslav Schuetzle Head of IT & IP Litigation practice
+7 (495) 150-05-05
Yaroslav specializes in dispute resolution in the field of IT technologies and intellectual property law, international private law, real estate and construction, leasing, energy, land relations, corporate law, and bankruptcy. He has considerable experience in representing clients in tough disputes involving complex technical expertise and the application of foreign law.
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Recent experience:

Successful representation of the interests of a Russian mining-and-metallurgical giant in a dispute with the counterparty under consulting agreements and finished-product supply contracts in the total amount of RUB 12.7 bln. Successful representation of the interests of Mechel Group companies in disputes on holding controlling entities to subsidiary liability within the scope of bankruptcy cases, as well as in disputes involving the recovery of damages caused by the actions of management bodies.


Successful representation of the interests of a systemic enterprise in a dispute over a claim seeking the recovery of RUB 11 bln. The swift and decisive actions taken by our team made it possible not only to secure injunctive relief through the freezing of the respondent’s assets, but also to organize the sweeping imposition of effective provisional remedies that allowed for the actual seizure of the opponent’s key production assets and the freezing of accounts receivable owed to the industry’s main players in just three days. The sheer speed and scope of these actions prompted the opponent to reach an amicable settlement with our client.


Successful representation of the client’s interests in a series of disputes with customers and their contractors involving the recovery of damages in connection with the loss of equipment in a total amount of more than RUB 264 mln. The damages stemmed from the loss of our client’s equipment in the customer’s borehole in an incident that occurred through the fault of the customer and the contractors it engaged. Within the scope of this case, we were tasked with substantiating an extremely complicated set of damages, which entailed taking all of the procedural actions envisioned by applicable law: questioning of witnesses, examination of physical evidence, organization of forensic evaluations and collaborating with a wide array of specialists across a number of different technical fields.

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